About Me


Holy Trinity Church,  Elk River

I am the part-time Associate to the Priest-in-Charge of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Elk River. I will continue in this role until June of 2017

Moviing On

In the fall of 2017 I will begin work on a Doctor of Ministry program through United Theological Seminary of thee Twin Cities.  The focus of My D. Min. project will be the effective use of emerging communication technologies on the development of ministry and faith formation in the Episcopal Church in Minnesota: especially in support of Specialized  and Small Church Ministries.

For example, I am currently teaching a Confirmation class with one young person in Duluth, three in Grand Rapids, one in Zimmerman, one in Elk River, and two in Coon Rapids Minnesota.  On the first and third Wednesday of each Month, I send each young person an email with a link to the next session.  All they have to do is click the link a few minutes before the meeting and we will alll appear on one another computer screens.

For the purpose of discussion, all of our images are the same size and we can participate in conversation on an equal basis.  When appropriate, I can take over most of the screen to make a presentation.  My D. Min project will explore the effectiveness of this emerging technology on the support of Specialized and Small Church Ministries in the the life of the Episcopal Church in Minnesota: and potentially other mainline denominations.